With more than 15 years of experience in call recording and reporting software, TriVium Systems understands the specific needs of a variety of industries. Please choose your industry below and learn how TriVium Systems can help you Cut Costs and increase Business Productivity.

TriVium Systems provides specific solutions to cater to the needs of various kinds of organizations rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions. Choose your industry below and learn how TriVium Systems can help you Cut Costs and increase Business Productivity.

TriVium Systems offers software applications for a variety of business needs: SonicView™ Call Recording, CallAnalyst™ Call Monitoring & Reporting and E9-1-1 Security Notification™ ESN™. These solutions are designed and developed for various Vertical Markets and Business Applications. These applications are available as integrated turn-key solutions or may be purchased à la carte, depending on your business requirements.

Assisted living/ Retirement Facilities
Auto Dealerships
Call Centers
Collection Agencies and Law Firms
Financial Institutions
Insurance Agencies
Hotels and Accommodations
Law Offices
Real Estate

Auto Dealerships
Analyzing telecom activity is a critical component of success for any auto dealership and its ability to succeed in a weakened economy.

TriVium solutions enable auto dealerships to record, monitor and generate reports. It has been specifically designed to help these businesses facilitate their sales activities and pursue opportunities that may have otherwise been lost. Our solutions can also help optimize customer satisfaction and measure the advertising effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Insurance Agencies
Today, insurance companies are experiencing increased regulatory control, compliance standards and a consistent demand to perform. Many TriVium Systems customers in the insurance industry use call recording and reporting solutions to address these issues and to help accelerate their productivity and profitability.

TriVium solutions offer insurance agencies powerful call recording, monitoring and reporting capabilities to help measure their effectiveness in the marketplace, cut costs and help increase employee productivity.

Schools, universities and educational departments rely on phone systems for a great deal of their daily communications. Because of liability reasons and for the security of their staff and students, it is important for them to be able to record and monitor calls.

TriVium Systems software helps schools and universities record, monitor and analyze calls. These solutions are specifically designed to help schools and universities improve their service to families and students, enhance security and provide E9-1-1 support .

Financial Institutions
Banks, mortgage companies and credit unions deal with critical voice and data information exchange on a daily basis. The efficient tracking and recording inbound and outbound calls is not only necessary for regulatory compliance, it helps these businesses gain insights into how to enhance their performance.

TriVium Systems call recording and reporting software helps financial institutions optimize resources, enhance customer service, measure their efficiency and comply with industry regulations.

Government agencies, including cities, counties and municipalities, are usually busy offices with employees who rely on telephone conversations for the majority of their work. Whether it is answering inquiries or working on the community's complaints over the phone, it is important for them to be able to record, monitor and analyze these conversations.

TriVium Systems offers comprehensive call tracking and recording solutions for government agencies to help improve security, increase customer satisfaction, enhance employee productivity and reduce fraudulent activities.

Clinics, physicians and hospitals deal with critical voice and data information exchange every day. The efficient recording and tracking of calls is not only necessary for regulatory compliance, it helps improve productivity.

TriVium Solutions call recording and reporting applications help healthcare clinics and medical providers optimize their resources, improve patient satisfaction, enhance security, measure efficiency and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Motels, Hotels and Resorts
It is important for motels, hotels and resorts ensure their telecom expenses are well-managed and integrate with various property management systems in the marketplace.

TriVium Systems solutions not provide telecom billing and management capabilities, they help enhance security and optimize customer satisfaction.

Law Offices
Attorneys spend a great deal of time conversing with clients and collecting critical case-related information over the telephone. The efficient tracking, billing and recording of calls is extremely important for any law office.

TriVium Systems call recording and reporting software provides extensive tracking and reporting of inbound and outbound calls, as well as the tools to time calls and generate billing reports for clients. Our solutions also provide the capability for attorneys to easily search and listen to the calls at a later time as needed.

Real Estate
Real estate companies maintain hundreds, if not thousands, of property listings every day; telephone activity is the lifeline that connects potential homebuyers with agents. With so many listings to track, many with unique phone numbers, real estate firms need a tool to help understand and measure the demand for each listing.

TriVium System solutions give real estate agents powerful call tracking, reporting and analysis applications to measure the call traffic generated for each listing, cut their overhead costs and increase productivity.

Assisted Living/Retirement Facilities
For security purposes and liability protection, it is important for assisted living and retirement facilities to record, report and analyze their residents’ telephone calls. Call recording and reporting is also a great way to add a revenue stream that can be generated by billing back residents on their telephone usage.

TriVium Systems software provides extensive tracking and reporting of inbound and outbound calls, as well as the tools to time calls and generate billing reports for residents. In addition to automatically generating these billing reports, our solutions help facilities cut their overhead costs and increase productivity.

Call Centers
The telephone is the lifeline for any call center; recording, monitoring and analyzing calls is extremely critical to help improve customer satisfaction, optimize resources and enhance business productivity.

Consultants and recruiters spend a great deal of time on the telephone with their clients and prospective candidates discussing upcoming opportunities and their requirements. Phone conversations are critical aspects that business; management and employee need to be able to record, monitor and analyze their conversations.

TriVium Systems solutions are specifically designed and developed for consultants, CPAs, and recruiters who need to track calls based on account codes and bill back clients back on the time that is spent on the phone. TriVium solutions help businesses cut costs, increase employee productivity, and improve advertising effectiveness.

Collection Agencies and Law Firms
Given the number of lawsuits and claims filed in the collection industry, agencies and law firms need tools to record, store and archive call records. TriVium solutions help these businesses comply with FDCPA and TCPA guidelines and allow them to answer the demands and mandates set forth by their clients. These applications are also a great way for a collection agency or law firm to showcase their credibility to clients in order to attract more business.

TriVium Systems solutions helps collection agencies and law firms record, analyze, and manage all of their inbound and outbound telephone calls. They also provide integration with a variety of collection and dialer software.

Small Business Solutions
Medium Sized Business Solutions
Enterprise Solutions

Small Business Solutions
CallAnalyst Call Monitoring and Reporting is an ideal solution that provides small business owners advanced call monitoring features and advanced reporting capabilities. For recording, TriVium Systems offers SonicView Call Recording for digital, IP, and analog phones. Our solutions are scalable and can start out small and grow as the business grows!

Medium-Sized Business Solutions
CallAnalyst Call Monitoring and Reporting provides unlimited call tracking, automated report generation and network ability that makes it ideally suited for medium-sized organizations. SonicView recording solution provides a scalable server-based solution for analog, digital and VoIP recording needs.

Enterprise Solutions
Large-sized and multi-site businesses seek technology solutions that can be seamlessly integrated across all locations. CallAnalyst Enterprise Server (CES) Call Monitoring and Reporting is built to serve such customers. CES provides centralized monitoring, tracking and reporting of all calls across the network.

  Call Recording
  Call Monitoring & Reporting
  E9-1-1 Security Notification Application Suite (ESN)

Phone System Recording

Call recording has become an integral part of many call recording business models due to a variety of factors,including: quality monitoring, training, compliance, regulations, proof of call, liability recording, security and more. This need has become equally critical for not only enterprise businesses, but for small and medium businesses as well, who face steep competition in the marketplace.

We understand that every business has different needs and requirements,therefore, there is no one application that fits the bill for all of our Customers. Therefore, we have created a variety of call recording, monitoring and reporting for all sizes of businesses; whether they have recording on the trunks or at an extension level;Analog CO trunks or T1/PRI; digital, analog or IP extensions.


Call Monitoring & Reporting

TriVium Systems call monitoring and reporting software provides Call Reportingmany more options than traditional call accounting software at an affordable price. Options include Traffic Analysis, Campaign Tracking, CallAlert, Fraud Tracking, viewing reports on IP phones and more.

Our solutions help organizations cut costs, increase productivity, improve customer service, track employee productivity, optimize marketing spend effectiveness, enhance security, bill-back callers on their and more making it a true Business Productivity Dashboard.

E9-1-1 Security Notification Application Suite (ESN)

With E9-1-1 regulations becoming stricter by the day, E9-1-1 Compliance Reportingmany organizations are left with no easy and cost-effective way to manage and provide the PS/ALI database in NENA format to the PSAPs. Providing this information to the PSAP, businesses can ensure that emergency services will be sent to the right location of the 9-1-1 caller rather than the main location where the PBX is located.

TriVium Systems provides easy mechanisms to export data into a format supported by the PSAPs, in addition to screen pop notifications (onsite) and email notifications of 9-1-1 calls.


TriVium Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of call recording, monitoring and reporting applications. Founded in 1995, we offer solutions for all sizes of businesses – from small and medium – to large-sized enterprises with multiple locations.

Our software helps companies in a variety of industries – including call centers, collection agencies and law firms, financial institutions, insurance agencies, healthcare clinics/medical providers, educational institutions, government, assisted living/retirement facilities, hospitality, and real estate – to reduce overhead costs and enhance their customer service efforts by recording phone calls that can be easily retrieved, played back and shared throughout the organization.

Compatible with virtually all leading telephone communications systems, TriVium solutions can be used with IP, digital and hybrid phone systems and deployed on single or large multi-location environments. TriVium SonicView™ Call Recording and CallAnalyst™ Call Monitoring and Reporting applications help organizations enhance customer satisfaction, facilitate dispute resolution, improve regulatory compliance and impact their bottom lines with quick and tangible ROIs.


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SonicView Call Recording

The SonicView product line offers the most cost-effective digital voice recording solutions found in the marketplace today. With modular components, you can start small and grow the solution capabilities as your business demands.

SonicView helps businesses optimize employee productivity, comply with industry regulations and cut their overhead costs.

Our Call Scoring and Agent Evaluation tool, which is an add-on module for SonicView, allows businesses to create various scoring templates and evaluate calls based on these templates. Once scored, the system generates various reports in order to evaluate agent’s performance over a period of time or across multiple agents and departments.

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CallAnalyst Enterprise Server

CallAnalyst Enterprise Server is a scalable and powerful call accounting and management system suited for small, medium and enterprise-sized organizations.

This solution consolidates all the telecom activities from various departments and sites to enable managers to view reports across all locations.

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E9-1-1 Security Notification (ESN) Application Suite

E911 Security Notification (ESN) Application Suite provides a comprehensive and cost-effective E9-1-1 solution for medium to enterprise-sized businesses with multiple sites, campuses and buildings.

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